“You may be early, but you’re not wrong”

I’ve been trying to write this post for months. I keep putting off publishing it because I want so badly for it to be perfect before I send it out into the world. That is an impossible task, though. And anyway, a better writer than I has already published a resource very similar to the one I wanted to make.

You May Be Early, but You’re Not Wrong: A Covid Reading List” summarizes (and links to) 14 peer-reviewed studies on Covid and Long Covid in both kids and adults. It is very much worth the 10-ish minutes of time it takes to read. (When you’re hit with the subscription pop-up as you scroll, click or tap “Continue Reading >” to continue reading. No subscription/sign-up required.)

The tl;dr of it (sources to each of these nine key points are linked in the article):

  1. You can catch Covid multiple times.
  2. Reinfections are common, not rare.
  3. Breakthrough infections are common.
  4. Covid can kill you months after you recover.
  5. It can cause brain damage.
  6. It can cause blood clots and heart attacks.
  7. It doesn’t spare children.
  8. Vaccines help, but only some.
  9. Masks work.

Public health is a group effort. I am begging y’all: If you’re not already, get vaccinated, get your bivalent booster, and WEAR. A. MASK. Always. Every single time you’re outside of your home or your vehicle. Yes, even outside. Yes, even in the lobby or elevator or hallway. Yes, even if it’s just you and one or two other people. Yes, even if you’ve been vaccinated and boosted. Yes, even if you’ve already had Covid. Yes, even if you feel fine (and especially if you don’t—in which case: stay your ass at home!!!).

Covid isn’t “over” or “mild” or even “under control.” If you think it is, you are part of the problem. Don’t be part of the problem. It’s not too late to learn more and change your behavior. You can start in three (3) easy steps: Read this article, share it widely, AND MASK THE FUCK UP. Please and thank you.

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