How much money I spent on my injuries this year: July through October 2022


Before we break that figure down, two notes:

  • This post covers injury-related training expenses through October rather than through the end of the year because I was discharged from PT at the end of October. There are no additional injury-related expenses to include after that because I’ve not incurred any.
  • I debated whether or not to publish this post for the same reasons I debated whether or not to publish the first installment. Ultimately, I decided to share this information for the same reasons that I ultimately decided to publish the first installment: because (1) I want to, (2) it’s the type of information I would like to read on someone’s personal blog, and (3) I wish more people were honest about the enormous amount of privilege and resources that go into “health” and training, even as an amateur or recreational athlete.

Okay. So. During the four months spanning July through October, I paid $3,168.32 of my own dollars, straight out of my pocket, on treatments, services, and products directly related to my injuries and other body-based training limitations, and the issues, imbalances, and weaknesses that caused them. That is both a lot of fucking money and only a fraction of the full financial cost incurred during this four-month period. Altogether, everything enumerated below cost $8,146.32, which is also a lot of fucking money, especially for only a four-month period.

The tl;dr of it:

CategoryTotal cost (Jul-Oct)Percent of total costCovered by insuranceOut-of-pocket cost (Jul-Oct)
Health insurance$186.802.3%$0$186.80
Physical therapy$4,978.0061.1%$4,978.00$0
Mobility and tissue work$630.007.7%$0$630.00
Gym, etc.$2,056.6025.3%$0$2,056.60

Most of the same caveats as last time:

  • All figures that follow are exact. No rounding or guesstimating. (Percentages are rounded in the table above.)
  • Some of the things listed below were necessary for my rehab and recovery. Some were not.
  • When applicable, taxes and shipping are included in the figures below. 
  • One figure below reflects a military discount.
  • This list does not include money I’ve spent on other training-related things that aren’t directly related to my injuries and rehab, like training gear, my full supplement stack, food, tech, hiking gear, and tangential expenses, like gas and parking.
  • This list includes only the financial investment I’ve made in my rehab and recovery during July through October. It does not reflect the other resources required to focus on rehabbing my injuries, including time, energy, executive functioning, and a regulated nervous system. 
  • All of my accounts are current, and I paid cash (“cash”) for everything listed below (nothing was financed).

Health insurance: $186.80

RIP to my very affordable health insurance that covered a lot of stuff. I’ll be on new insurance beginning in January, and it won’t be nearly as affordable or comprehensive. I’m incredibly grateful to have had this health insurance this year, and I really hope I don’t re-injure myself because I probably wouldn’t be able to afford treatment for it with my new insurance.

  • Monthly premium: $46.70
  • Deductible: $0.00
  • Copay: $0.00
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $186.80


Physical therapy: $0.00

I had only shoulder and glute + hamstring PT this time around—I wrapped up my year of pelvic floor PT in June (I still want to write a recap of that year-long experience), and had no imaging after March. Beginning in September, I transitioned from twice a week to once a week, which lasted through the end of October when I was discharged from PT.

I hit some cap in June (idk, don’t ask me, I’m very confused about how insurance works) and didn’t have any out-of-pocket financial costs associated with PT from that point on. See note above about how grateful I am to have had the insurance that I’ve had this year.

Shoulder and glute + hamstring physical therapy

  • 19 visits
  • Total billed: $4,978.00
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $0.00


Mobility and tissue work: $630.00

Only massage this time around, no chiropractic visits or subscriptions to stretching apps. I cut way back on massage after June, going from every other week to only three times during this four-month period. This was mostly for money-related reasons.


  • 3 visits, not covered by insurance
  • Total billed: $450.00
  • Gratuity: $180.00
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $630.00


Gym memberships, programming, and 1:1 coaching: $2,056.60

I only paid for 1:1 coaching during these four months, which included the cost of my custom programming. I didn’t drop in at any gyms during this period, or pay for any online/mass programming. The figure below reflects a military discount.

1:1 coaching

  • 10 one-hour sessions per package
  • 3 10-session packages
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $2,056.60


Supplements: $294.92

  • Turmeric and curcumin: $62.42
  • Collagen: $31.72
  • Fish oil: $20.42
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $294.92

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